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News and stuff. Read at least 1 and 2 on it. by metalzaki

Okay everyone news that I want to get out there.

1st commission:

One that most of my fallows want to hear. Yes I finished my commission. BUT... I will take a few days break before I reopen so no bugging me on what you want at this moment.

2nd Local area:

Over in Canada B.C. area and the U.S State south of us. (what was it... googles) Washington. We been getting a lot of forest fires and peoples homes burning down. So as a friendly reminder... STOP FLICKING YOUR F#%KING SMOKE BUTTS OUT THE CAR WINDOWS!!! AND PUT THEM IN YOUR ASH TRAY OR OR PULL OVER AND STOMP TILL THERE OUT!!! Cause then we get weather like this lately but today since I posted this its clear out.

3rd projects and games:

  • For what I'm working on now is a fully Tablet pic of Sally Acorn in a straitjacket kinda like my Blaze SJ pic I did resonantly. also doing outfits for my Albino Alligator Ramona.
  • Games I'm playing right now is Bioshock 2 and FF12 Zodiac Age on ps4 and on steam Sonic Mania, borderlands and Sonic & Allstar Racing Transformed.

Lastly Pictures that are owed to me. (this is just for my memory.)
1. LavenderRose LavenderRose 1 commission.
2. ZetaRESP a point story commission.
3. Another story commission by a friend of mine.
4. Cricket-inc at least 2 commissions
5. ShuyinK 1 two character pic but I need to think of an idea.

News and stuff. Read at least 1 and 2 on it.


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