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I don't use this site all...I'm sorry! by Nyaasu

Hey! I just wanted to let everyone know that (as you've probably figured), I don't use this website much, and that's probably how it will always be. I didn't realize how hard it would be to juggle so many accounts, and since the stuff I post here is just kinda redundant, I just haven't been doing it.

If you exclusively watch me here, you may want to check out my updated galleries at either devantArt or Furaffinity. There's plenty more art (the art here stopped flowing ssoooo very long ago!), and I'm way more active there (dA is where I'm the most active).

So here are my active galleries:
deviantArt -
FurAffinity -
Patreon - - This account has sketches I don't post elsewhere (free)!
(I won't bother with my Pixiv, that one needs some updating still, too, although it's not as bad as here) xD

And if you have access to neither, I'm also on Twitter and Tumblr:
Twitter - (not a good way to see my art though)
Tumblr - (not updated frequently, but better than here!)

Thank you, and also sorry!

I may try to catch this gallery up with the others at some point, but I can't promise that.

I don't use this site all...I'm sorry!


11 September 2017 at 10:47:19 MDT

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    I juggle four accounts (it would be five if I could speak/write Japanese and more properly engage a standard Pixiv audience), so I know your pain! I'm actually open to juggling more accounts if I found a good one to post my art that isn't on my personal "don't use" list.

    Soooo, yeah, totally understandable! XD

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      I need to use Pixiv more often, so my Japanese language skills don't fade away. xD I've been lazy about that lately. But I see people using Pixiv speaking only English! But, I won't encourage you to juggle even more accounts. x3

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        Oh yeah, Pixiv does have a large English speaking audience! But it's a Japanese based site and the majority of users are Japanese, so I'd like to be able to speak that language to better engage the primary audience. :>