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Hey everyone. Just checking in here too. I've been far and away more active on my other socials (Twitter/FA/Tumblr). I somewhat neglect weasyl just because of time and interest. All my art has continued to bleed its way onto Weasyl with the exception of some NSFW stuff I've done lately. Which, while a minimal part of the art I've released, is purely housed on FA. Because that's where I feel it most belongs, aside from some censored stuff on twitter. Twitter (again) is where I look the most and I'm easily contacted. I've also somewhat neglected Furry Network; at this point it's just something I have; but I set my art to sync like a month ago so I'm sure it'll be on there ~eventually~ (it won't). So if you want slightly more current/fast stuff from me I encourage you to hit up my Twitter, or FA, but in that regard I feel many here aren't hyper interested in FA and I wouldn't blame you. Anyway! Here's the links:

Another little bit is that I did a few threads of stuff lately about me(⋆link⋆) and my trip to AC!(⋆link⋆) My first furry con and all. So since I had linked them everywhere else I figured I'd share these here as well. AND FINALLY; I promise its the last one -- I put out an open invitation to my Discord server I recently set up! Its about a week old and its boiled down to a dozen regulars. All really nice! You're welcome to slip in and see how you feel settling in. Just please read the rules, they're important. Thanks for reading, and I promise that's "all" I've got for now. Have a good week, just because I don't look here all the time doesn't mean you don't count <3

Post AnthroCon Stuff and Socials


4 August 2017 at 12:15:34 MDT

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