Goals for the next few months by Taw

I have a few goals I plan to (hopefully) accomplish in the following few months. Going to leave this up as a reminder to myself of what I want to do, and make a few changes in my life to try and get more on track with things.

  1. Model a low poly fantasy weapon of some sort. (High poly bake for detail + fully UV and texture)
  2. Work on my demo reel again and tweak a bunch of things and update it to reflect my best works.
  3. Finish some of my ongoing projects/models and possibly upload them to my art galleries.
  4. Make some new space/abstract wallpapers sometime or something.
  5. Continue learning to model characters, possibly include a piece on demo reel.
  6. Try and find a local job instead of freelance work over the internet.
  7. Replace my tablet pen and continue working on digital drawings and sculpting with it.
  8. Watch at least 5 hours of tutorials a week.
  9. Relearn ZBrush and attempt to model, retoplogize, uv and texture (maybe pose) a model in it.
  10. Learn some other programs like Lightwave, Marmoset, Unity, etc.

Goals for the next few months


28 March 2013 at 17:55:18 MDT

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