Spokle and art-streaming! by SpokleArt

Howdy all you lovely freaky followers!

So, as those who follow me on the quicker moving social media sites (Twitter and Tumblr) may have noticed, I am now somewhat frequently streaming art process stuffs on my Picarto channel!


Most times I will just be streaming random stages of my art process with some chill music and text chat responses, and other times I'll be on the mic with no music for voice chat responses. You'll see an indication on the stream as to identify if my microphone is on or off, along with a general description of what I'm drawing (as if its not what you are into you can bow out at the time).

The content I'll be drawing will be anything from cutesy fun stuff to violently sexy NSFW stuff, so this is decidedly something to keep in mind. As what I'm working on maybe my own works or a commission, you'll see all kinds of kinks/sexualities expressed (granted most in a size-fetish context).

Chat is open but is to remain civil. Discussion is ok but harassment and pointed kink-shaming isn't allowed. I won't hesitate to block hostile/toxic persons. Other guidelines or rule refinement will happen as I get the hang of streaming again. In short, be nice.

If you want to get e-mail notifications of when I'm streaming once I start the best way is to have a Picarto account and hit the 'Follow' option. Alternatively, I'll send out a post to Twitter and Tumblr when I'm setting up a stream.



Spokle and art-streaming!


18 June 2017 at 22:23:53 MDT

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