A Humble Request for Book reviews by Paul Lucas

I hate to ask this, but over the last year or so my books online have received hardly any reviews. Unlike many other authors I don't often openly ask for reviews, but the dearth of them lately has kind of forced my hand.

Aside from the book cover, reviews are one of the major factors that really help to sell a book on sites like Amazon.com and Smashwords. So I'd like to ask anyone here who has read my books and enjoyed them to perhaps leave a few kind words about them on the site where you purchased them. It doesn't have to be long--I've had many reviews that only consisted of things like "Good book" or "Great read" or "Fun story" or "Cured my cancer" (okay, maybe one of those is made up.)

I am NOT asking for dishonest or inflated reviews, just honest feedback. It would help me out. If you do leave any, thanks, I will appreciate it!

-- PL

A Humble Request for Book reviews

Paul Lucas

8 June 2017 at 08:02:19 MDT

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    The sad thing is, you shouldn't HAVE to ask for reviews. Reviewing a product is part of buying it when it comes to the online marketplace. And when dealing with something like an art book, even more so.