Opening for Commissions on Friday!! by Idess

I am finally finishing up my current workload from FC and I want to open some commissions online before I have to focus on RMFC/RF work!

I don't have much time to work on commissions this Spring so there will be a very small limited pool of slots :( I wish I could take a bunch of commissions but it's just still not feasible for me at the moment.

I will be opening these commissions this Friday, March 29th in the EVENING (4pm-8pm server time) They are NOT open right now!


Terms of Service:

There are a few restrictions for this round of commissions!

-NO BADGES. Sorry badges are currently for conventions ONLY.

-NO FULL ILLUSTRATIONS/BACKGROUNDS. This includes digital or traditional pics that include a full scenic background. I AM allowing illustrations with "spot" backgrounds or no background. I just don't have the time for a full scenic piece at the moment!

There will be 5 slots total; the first one being a first come, first served comment-in-journal slot on FurAffinity ONLY, and the other 4 will be artist choice. If you're not on FA, then sorry but you can only try for the artist choice slots ^^

I will be taking submissions for the artists choice slots from Friday March 29th to Tuesday April 2nd.

One person can submit multiple ideas/references for the artist choice slots, but I will only choose one slot maximum per person.

More rules about submitting the artist choice suggestions will be posted with the main opening journal on Friday.

If you have any questions just ask! I will gladly answer any questions about this commission opening between now and Friday :)

Opening for Commissions on Friday!!


26 March 2013 at 14:50:23 MDT

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