Dealing at IttyBittyFurCon! by thefurcollective

Hi everyone! It's time to break the news-

We will be at IttyBittyFurCon!

That's in Phoenix Arizona, it's an up-and-coming mini fur con (2 days) that had a blast of a first year last year (from what I heard, couldn't make it myself ;.;) The date is July 22nd-23rd, and I WILL have 2 premade fursuits for sale! Come check them out early! Of course we will also have parts like tails, and probably feet. We will be debuting some cute husky pajama pants, and will also likely have ears for sale too. I will be offering traditional badges as well!

If you like my art, feel free to contact me early about buying a badge and I will have it ready for pickup at the con ( I CAN take digital commissions early and have them printed for con pickup as well ^^

Looking forward to seeing you there! :D


Dealing at IttyBittyFurCon!


9 May 2017 at 14:15:36 MDT

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