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Commission slots open (weasyl 1 slot left) by metalzaki

Commission Price Ref by metalzaki
Also if you want to pay in DA points its 80pts = to the $1

1. you want a commission you got to clam the slot on the journal comment. I will then say you got the slot.
2. Do not note me till you got the slot.
3. If you do not pay after one week I will remove you from your slot and give it to another. (no complaning after weeks up and your removed for not paying.)

++Temp rule this time++ ((cause don't got energy for big project this time))

  1. no more then 3 characters this time. ((but keep them simple))
  2. I will only be doing one comic commission this time round and its been taken.

++Stuff that I won't draw.++
Won't draw Child/Cub (But if you want I will age your child/cub character so that he/she is the legal age over 18), Creepypasta (unless its not ment to look scary), anytype of puppets, Clowns (unless there harly quinn style) Tentacle Porn or Hardcore Gore Porn


DA.1. yokokura (payed)
DA.2. hunter117x (done)
DA.3. Isidro54321 (payed)

FA.1. joshua37 (planning)
FA.2. hunter117x (payed)
FA.3. boundtie boundtie (payed)

Inkbunny.1. selanairequeen (done)
Inkbunny.2. darksonic250 (payed)
Inkbunny.3. darksonic250

Weasyl.1. boundtie boundtie
Weasyl.2. 85396
Weasyl.3. ChaosoverlordZ (next) (50%)

comic commission: Feyro (getting info)

coloring work: Scaley-Randy (payed) (10%)

++pics that I'm still waiting on++

Commission slots open (weasyl 1 slot left)


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