Site Update and June Opening by thefurcollective

Hey everyone!

You may have noticed our site was down for a few days. Now it's back up, improved, and ready for perusing!
We are still making minor touch-ups here and there, but the main stuff is all ready. ^^

Our commission opening date for June has also been decided: June 5th at 12 am MST (Mountain Standard Time) That's a Sunday night/Monday morning. We are only taking about 3-4 commissions, for September completion. So be ready to submit your form when the time comes!

We accept commissions on a first-come first-served basis. We may not accept your commission if we are not comfortable that we can create your design. If you aren't sure if your character may fall into that category, feel free to fill out a quote form early so that we can review your information and design. If your reference image is not appropriate (nsfw, or does not include a front, back, and side view) we may decline your commission- please have your references ready. We are not taking resin-based mask commissions at this time, sorry!

If you sent a quote form before this update and are planning to send in a new one to snag a spot when commissions open, fill out the form to match the options you wanted as closely as possible.

I look forward to seeing some new critters show up in my inbox soon, and as always I am happy to answer questions here or at thefurcollective (at) gmail (dot) com!


Site Update and June Opening


1 May 2017 at 17:56:57 MDT

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