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Let me tell you about myself 01 by CalicoPikachu

This is for those who want it, I'm gonna start with listing some unpopular opinions that'll tell you about who I am as a person. Feel free to disagree, conversations are a good thing LOL

Power Rangers Galaxy Pirates is the best Power Rangers.

Vampires, zombies, and werewolves are still cool and will always be cool, I don't fuckin care what anyone says.

No one is automatically a hero just because they're a firefighter, soldier, policeman, doctor, etc.

Memes and puns are the best forms of comedy on the planet.

Cows and pigs need to be outlawed as food animals and replaced with bison and deer. Lump fish in there too, fish is disgusting.

I want more Pokemon.

Everyone should try some form of BDSM at least once in their life.

Digimon is a superior tv show to Pokemon.

Female protagonists are better for videogames 100% of the time, every time.

The Last Unicorn is the best modern fairy tale. It was written in 1968 but whatever, counting it.

Whisper of the Heart is one of the greatest animated movies of all time.

(Video removed because people weren't watching the whole thing)

Let me tell you about myself 01


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    I got not ten seconds into that video and could already tell it's terribly misinformed.
    I really like your art, and only just started following you, but that does sting a bit.
    We can agree to disagree though, I guess.

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      Keep watching the video, brah, its part of his schtick.

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        Time for a play-by-play since I wanted to give this guy the benefit of the doubt that he was just baiting in the beginning and the video had actual merit. HOO BOY was I wrong.

        Four minutes in and I thought he was actually going to change his tone.
        A minute later he mentioned Tumblr and I nearly lost all interest. The Tumblr kin community is a trainwreck and really not representative of the belief as a whole, since it's mostly outcast kids playing around in an attempt to find an identity for themselves.

        Kept going out of curiosity and to my surprise he picked some pretty benign snippets off the site--and didn't fall for any trolls, impressively--but...still made fun of them. "What kind of airplane were you in?" Har har dude, it's generally a past life thing. Maybe do more research, Rob.
        He then goes on to talk about another very benign story, of a foxkin describing his awakening and the annoyingly real sensation of phantom limbs. Only to, again, make fun of it for no good reason.

        On the topic of the transgender/otherkin overlap-- I'm both. I'm FTM transgender and dragonkin--with a good number of past lives sprinkled into the mix--and...yeah. Actually, the two can be compared, at least for those who fall under both umbrellas. Gender dysphoria and species dysmorphia can and do feel very similar at times, and I feel the same way about my "missing" wings as a I do my "missing" dick. Otherkin as a whole do not believe they are oppressed or even -close- to the transgender community in terms of struggle, but taking one look on the internet and you can kinda see why we're sick of getting picked on. For a simple spiritual/religious belief, at that.

        "Fursecution" a fucking joke term come up by the >furry< community [or maybe 4chan? idr where it originated tbh], not the otherkin community. Oh my god. This guy.

        There are otherkin who identify as such as a coping mechanism or because of mental illness but a good number of us identify the way we do for spiritual reasons which, again, is something he seems to completely miss. Even talking about therians, who are usually seen as the more "grounded" portion of the community, he doesn't mention it. The whole video reeks of "lol crazies" instead of anything substantial or with a actual point.

        The mythical creature comment is one I get even within the community but...shrug. If folks can believe in a giant invisible sky-man as a majority religion then I can believe I was a dragon in my original life. Then again this clown strikes me as the edgy-atheist type, so that probably wouldn't fly with him either. :V

        Why is it always cool creatures, he asks. It isn't? I know not one but two wormkin. I met a 100% serious rockkin before. [They were really nice.] Hell, even my own past lives--which i guess count as kintypes--are pretty fuckin mundane. Ironically, I do also know a manateekin.

        All in all...The video was mostly garbage, I'm sorry dude. I applaud the guy for being decently-spoken and not too obnoxious, and for requesting that folks don't go out attacking us, but it just doesn't seem like he tried to understand it at all. Boring, misinformed, and unfortunate. Just as I figured it was. Sorry. :/

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          You can say it's garbage. But you can't argue that A) People are using your belief for evil and no one is stopping it. B) That no belief is exempt from being made fun of just because people feel something a lot. I mean look at people who believe in the space fairy, they feel like they're above teasing and yet they eat the flesh of their murdered demigod once a week. And at the same time people are expected to understand otherkin but are being told they're full of shit without science to back it.

          People say Stockholm Syndrome is a thing but it hasn't been scientifically proven. People believe in zodiac signs but it also hasn't been scientifically proven. If otherkin are at some point down the line proven to be scientifically sound, then I'll gladly reconsider, I'm not above it.

          Tho the video doesn't take into the account of ramifications of pretending to have a spirit animal and how it (tumblr) turns someone's religion into a play thing (not saying this is every case, but it happens often enough and no one within the otherkin community do anything about it), and it doesnt take into account the amount of people who will steal my art on behalf of someone saying "It's them" when they can also say they just like my character alot (which is another thing the community won't deal with, so I have to deal with it myself and be told I'm cis-scum and have no place telling someone they can't repost work that isn't theirs).

          Like it or not, Tumblr has made themselves part of the community and unless the bad parts of a community are doused, they will continue to speak on behalf of everyone.

          But you can also thank the furry community for lumping everyone who isn't a furry into their hobby. I think it's a problem better resolved within both communities so that no one gets confused, which we clearly are.