Just an Update on stuff by chaosfault

Hey Everyone, it's been awhile since I updated about things.

Well to start off with I've been doing okay, I just got back from being on holiday awhile ago, it was a nice trip and fun to get away from work for a bit. I've been doing alright at university, I got back three of my grades and so far its all good, I still have three hand in's I'm working on and I'm hoping to have them finished as soon as possiable, As for my emotions, they've been pretty much all over the place but I'm trying my best and thats all I can do.

Anyway onto art news, starting with university work, I've been doing alot of animations for hand-ins and I've been wanting to post them to get your opinons on them, but my lecturer said I should wait till my final marks are in, so you'll hopefully see them soon. Next is personal projects, which would be my own little animations I'm gonna start working on, I've already created three characters who will be involved in these future animations so looking forward to them.

Comics and Stories, As you've already seen I've posted up the next page for my comic Choices and Answers with also the next question, which I'll put under here.
Get out of bed?

Here are the choices

Get Up
Get out of bed
Stand on bed
Roll over
Roll out of bed
Stay where you are

Please ether comment on the page or here.

I've also got pages ready for my Unnamed Comic and the comic I make with another artist, Kingdom Hearts Wishes of Dreams, I just need to post them. The sto​ry I write, An Open Realm, also has a new chapter which I'm editing at the moment and I've began the next one, I'm also posting my new story series soon, so keep and eye out for that.

Lastly I wanna talk about Requests and Art Trades, I am still doing requests and I wanna apoligize for my upload scedule, I know I'm not the best artist or the fastest but I do try my best with what I get and thats all I can provide, I only ask that if you do want me to draw something, please have paitence with me, thank you. As for Art Trades, I wanna do more of them and there are a few artist's I'd like to ask but sadly ether of two problems occur.

One - They don't do art trades ;;
Two - I'm afraid to ask ;

So if you wanna ask me, please do, I'll hear you out and try my best.

Anyway, thanks for reading and sorry this journal rambled on for awhile.

Just an Update on stuff


26 March 2017 at 14:06:20 MDT

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