As Good as it Gets by Volt Siano

When I Skyped my friend just now, finally getting myself to show him my fursuit, I wasn't quite sure what to expect. The reaction I got from him was about as good as it gets, however.
In short, after explaining to him that my Minecraft skin is based off of a character I have, and that I had completed a costume of that character I had been working on since October, I switched to video mode in Skype and revealed my fursuit to him. He thought it was pretty cool! Conversation lead back to Halloween, and my friend expressed an interest in making a costume like Voltaire; however, he said he doesn't have a character to base it on. I told him I'd be willing to help him make a costume, but he has to decide upon a character first.

"Your homework for Friday: make a character."

As Good as it Gets

Volt Siano

23 March 2017 at 21:40:16 MDT

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    That's pretty awesome! I'd like to see what you two make, both the fursuit and the character itself.

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      If we get that far, you can bet your imported British trousers there will be updates for it!