Unfortunate delay by Claw-MacKain

First delay of The Six Realms was the fact Steam currently still uses the Greenlight system and so if you want to put a game up on there, you have to pay a submission fee of $100. I did that just yesterday. Now the hurdle is them wanting a gameplay video do go with it, so I might have to take the next few days playing the RPG myself again just to record the video for it.

Sadly this means I probably won't have the game on Greenlight by the time I have to leave for Furry Fiesta, which will be Thursday. I'll try, but most likely I'll have to get it on Greenlight sometime after I get back from TFF, so that means maybe Monday or Tuesday.

However if I can figure out how much the Intercontinental will charge for me to use their electricity at the Artist Alley (yes, that was something they tried last year as well) then I might be able to display my RPG in its completed form right there at Artist Alley for those of you that wish to stop by if you're attending.

Just a reminder, though, the game will be going up on Steam for $10, not only to pay :iconortega-lion: for his help making some music for the RPG, but will go towards funding the two next game projects since one will be a free to play and will be more involved than the RPG was.

Unfortunate delay


20 March 2017 at 23:15:42 MDT

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