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Any Questions? by Volt Siano

So I was sitting here in bed, sewing one of the arms for my fursuit while listening to a YouTube Q&A and I thought, "That looks fun..." So, while I'm sleepy and lacking in judgement, I'm going to post this journal!
I think it would be neat to try a Q&A, even if I have doubts about receiving a large amount of questions; this is purely for fun. I'm not sure if this makes it unique or anything, but here's an idea: if you choose to ask a question, you have the ability (should you so desire) to choose the medium I use to answer it. Askers may choose one of four waysfor me to answer - a drawing, a short story, a video (which may or may not be of the best quality =P), or a simple reply to the comment.
Be reasonable in the questions you ask, and let's see what kind of fun we can have!

Any Questions?

Volt Siano

14 March 2017 at 23:16:22 MDT

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