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Weird Feeling - Character Inclusion by Volt Siano

As Weird Feeling nears completion, I'd like to make another offer for people's characters to be included. I could simply think up my own, but if the story is based (quite loosely) on real life and real people, why not use real people and their characters in it?
Any questions you may have can be answered in either a private message (if you prefer privacy) or a public comment (so that others can see the answer).

Refer to this journal for more in-depth details.

Weird Feeling - Character Inclusion

Volt Siano

11 March 2017 at 22:12:44 MST

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    (I'm not sorry)

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      . _ .
      I don't do French girls.

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        basically, is it possible for me to be in your story, pal ? :D

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          I don't see why not. Like the original journal says, I just need information about your fursona and some information about your human persona (unique traits, appearance, overall character, a name to work with (it doesn't have to be your real name), etc.).
          Thanks for your interest!

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          . . .
          Did you change your mind?

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            No, I still would really like to be included, I just haven't got the time or known when/where to start. Really sorry !

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              Oh, okay then; I will wait.

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                so, I guess I'll start it now, with my fursona first !

                • Name : Jin Lust-Sin
                • Birthday : 7th November, 1995
                • Zodiac : Scorpio
                • Gender : male
                • Job : blacksmith
                • Species : kangaroo-raptor crossbreed
                • Personality : laid-back, naive, innocent, easygoing and open-minded ; aggressive if provoked and defensive if threatened, but supportive if needed
                • Backstory : >Jin spent most of his peaceful and happy childhood with his parents, pretty much like a mommy and daddy's baby. He was OK with his time at primary school, but when he reached the age of 10, the place called "secondary school" turned his world upside down. Bad grades and insufferable bullies together made the whole place dreadful in his mind. He was made fun of, picked on and pushed around most of the time, but he never knew how to even talk back, only occasionally (and yet barely able to) fight back. He got so many bad grades that he started to lose direction and hopes for his future, and soon gave up, dropping out. Jin never made it pass the 1st semester of his 1st year in high school, and he never wanted to, either. He didn't want to waste his parents' efforts and money on his hopeless studies further, and so tried all sorts of part-time jobs in cafes around the city to occupy his time and earn all that he could, to somewhat make up for the money his mother paid for his school fee. Jin now makes his living with 4 part-time jobs running together : serving at a cafe, tutoring/teaching social english online, interpreting/adding subtitles for videos and games, and designing/developing ideas for video games.