Relaunching my Patreon - First month Theme: Werebeasts! by Recurrent

Hey there everyone. So as you may know a couple months ago I shut down my Patreon so that I could rethink my rewards and what I should post on it and better plan my time for how I want to run the Patreon. I have recently come up with a new strategy that I think you may enjoy. My Patreon will no longer be focused on producing a personal comic as I found that too difficult to put out on a regular time frame around commissions and work. Instead my new Patreon will be focused on supporting my artwork in general and some bigger projects in the long run. All subscribers will have the ability to view and vote on upcoming YCHs before I post them to the public for bidding. They will also be able to view some exclusive sketches and WIPs for some of my artwork. All tiers $5 and above will allow you to participate and receive a monthly themed sketch which can either be uncolored, colored or an experimental painting as I would like to get back into realistic digital paintings.

This month's first Sketch Theme is Werebeasts! What can I say? I love some freshly transformed creatures under the full moon's light. I will be drawing transformation and already full transformed Werebeasts based on your preference.

Please let me know below if you have any comments, questions or suggestions for my new Patreon.

Check out my Patreon here -

Relaunching my Patreon - First month Theme: Werebeasts!


13 February 2017 at 21:04:00 MST

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