Badge Sale - $25 Headshot/$45 Waist-up by Aki-rain

Hello everyone!

I just got some badges laminated and am sending out my first large badge done for someone else today! To celebrate, I would like to do a sale on badges!

My 3x4" headshot badges, normally $35, will be $25. And my large waist-up badges, which are a little under 5x7" and usually $55, will be $45. Shipping to anywhere in the US, badge holder (small) or lamination (large) and a badge clip are included in these prices.

This sale will last until February 20th. I only have one open commission slot right now, but as long as you contact me between now and the end of the day on February 20th, even if I have a waitlist, you will get the deal.

I may end the sale early if I get too many, but I doubt I will so I'll see how it goes!

Please send me a note here OR an e-mail at (at) with what kind of badge you would like and a character reference and I will get back to you!


Badge Sale - $25 Headshot/$45 Waist-up


13 February 2017 at 09:16:48 MST

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