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Ko-fi! And my blog is going to be updated a lot more! by Runzi333

I recently came across this website called Ko-fi that some of the people I follow on twitter use. I was curious when my twitter feed said something like "someone just bought @artistnamehere a coffee!".

What is Ko-fi?
Well Ko-fi is a website that uses pay pal to allow people to send money/tips/etc. to artists, usually a small amount like that of a cup of coffee. If you have goals you want to reach, the site is also set up for that! The button in the upper right corner of this page is how you get to my Ko-fi page. The button is very interesting and Ko-fi allows for many different coding types to make sure your button can be seen on most sites!

Why use it?
Well it's free, really friendly and professional looking, and it's a nice way to show support to other creators.
Who wouldn't like a free cup of coffee or other such drink?
I think that this is a really interesting way to do something nice for others and to support artists and other creators. Many of the people I see on this site are very similar to my own situation where they would like to make a living on their art but don't really know where to start. There are also seasoned artists on there that view this site as an alternative to patreon or any other such monthly system!

Why do I have one?
I decided this was a good step towards taking commissions for my art. I'm not super comfortable with my art so I've not been comfortable with taking commissions on it. I also work in a lot of places so it's nice that I can put the button almost anywhere! I also really love the thought of a small act of kindness such as buying someone a coffee, I really think it's nice and now with thew power of the internet you don't need to be at the same coffee shop!
If you want to buy me a coffee I would really appreciate it but don't feel like you have to! I may sometimes put up rewards for buying me a coffee, like for right now you can get a sketch of something you'd like from me in return! I'll try to always post that here so those of you who read this know what I'm offering at any given time.

So if you feel like checking it out definitely do! The link to the homepage:

or mine:
Buy Me a Coffee?

Also I am updating my blog again so if you have a minute I'd love if you check it out!

Ko-fi! And my blog is going to be updated a lot more!


5 February 2017 at 18:23:47 MST

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