Fuck off, 2016 by Karma's Camera

This was the year when I watched the world's psyche and integrity just crumble to pieces before my very eyes.
It was a very...spiteful year, 2016 was...

I had a mental breakdown a few weeks back about how I kept saying to my parents over the past few years that a program was going nowhere for me, and then next thing I knew, "the straw broke the camel's back"...
Not mention my FA account being suspended because someone didn't like what I had to say about a Giant Douche and a Turd Sandwhich; THAT probably contributed the aforementioned!

And bronchitis for 3 months straight at one point.

The thing that I expected out of this year would be that this is the year that David Bowie died...

But just him wasn't enough.

The highs were few and far between, but were greatly appreciated~

Dark Souls 3, Pkmn Sun/Moon, Overwatch, Doom...
I got to play PW: Dual Destinies, and I FORGOT how fucking good that series can get!

I went to MAGfest for the first time, which was a lot of fun~

Not to mention the beginning of the slow, agonizing death of "Social Justice", muahahah

But honestly
2016 can just go fuck right off

Take us away, please

Fuck off, 2016

Karma's Camera

31 December 2016 at 22:05:29 MST

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    Sounds like you really enjoyed the past year. Have any goals set for this year?