Leaving 2016 and Entering 2017 by Ayanaki

Certainly has been a real roller coaster this year, there were good times, bad times, and certainly some sad moments too. While 2016 has been a year that's taken the most from me I did learn a lot, as the saying goes "what doesn't kill me had better start running."

While I don't really care for new year's resolutions I do have some things I've been thinking about. So I'm open to suggestions or advice regarding the following:

  • Live streaming: I haven't really done this much but it'd most likely be a weekend thing between 2-4 PST. (I need suggestions for live streaming sites/apps)
  • Tumblr: I'm kinda iffy on this but I would like to have another place to post art, wip, commissions, and maybe even a page for my nocs.
  • A one-shot web comic or comic pages (yes, really.... might or might not be story related)
  • More 3-d work! (like sculptures out of sculpy and stuff like that)

So here's to a new year! ^_^ hopefully I can complete some of these.

Leaving 2016 and Entering 2017


31 December 2016 at 20:49:56 MST

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    tumblr is my most hated site ever, I hope you dont abandon here in favor of it like most other artists seem to be doing these days.

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      oh and happy new years lol

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        Oh I don't plan on leaving weasyl over tumblr, I know tumblr kinda sucks which is why I'm so iffy on it but it is good for reaching a wider audience. I'm still not quite sure about getting one, too many SJWs there.... but a wider audience would be nice...

        Happy New Year to you too! ^_^

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          well for me its not just that tumblr has the worst community ever (and it does) its also a terrible site for displaying your art, which is why it baffles me so much that so many artists are starting to use it as the only site to display their works.

          most artists set up their pages on there to use endless scrolling, similar to what twitter does, and that is literally the worst way someone could set up an art gallery. after years of use it makes it almost impossible to find their earlier works since there are no page numbers and if anything happens on the page that forces you to reload, endless scrolling is unable to get back to where you once where so if that happens and you were really far down then you gotta go through everything all over again. and even the artists who set it up so they have actual pages still dont benefit from it, simple things such as folders and easy to navigate page numbers and thumbnails, and easy communication with your follows are all non existent over there, and all that isnt even including how much of a buggy, poorly coded mess the site is, when you middle click on a picture on tumblr half the time the site cant decide if it wants to open it in a new tab or open that pic or zoom into that pic, the worst one being when it decides randomly that middle click is the same as a left click so it loads the zoomed in pic for you as an entirely new page meaning you gotta click back to get back to where you were, which is a nightmare if you browsing someones gallery on endless scrolling.

          gawd... sorry for the rant but I really REALLY hate tumblr and I fucking cant stand artists who abandon actual art sites in favor of it. any artist who does that is a moron who isnt worth following.

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            Well I'm more interested in using is as a scrap book for like work in progress stuff, or asks, I don't think I'd post too much finished stuff (if I did it would be very low res stuff).

            But oh my gosh yes the site has been so buggy, especially on mobile (i was really wondering if I was the only one having the Solomon image problem because it is infuriating to deal with). I would never use tumblr to replace any of my main art sites. Honestly I'd only want it to post stuff like unrefined sketches, wips, and to have an additional posting site.

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              thats respectable. i am so sick and tired of seeing so many artists abandon actual art sites in favor of tumblr. it makes no sense.