2017 Plans by Silvermane

Looking at my collage of 2016 art, and looking through my gallery overall for the year, I came to one conclusion. I am really bad at creating finished pieces. Sketch work seemed to wane here and there but remain consistent. In an attempt to liven things up I am going to try in 2017 to at least have two finished pieces per month. It will be challenging given time but we shall see if I can do it.

Werewolf Comic Project

I am also working on a long stemming werewolf comic project. I've been wanting to do one for a while now but just haven't found a good plot point to stick with in all honesty. Right now it is looking like one character is emerging which is Claude O'Connail. I do like the idea of a reluctant leader in him. Originally he was meant to be a big ass villain in the never completed story series of Scent of the Moon, but has since changed from being a villain to being a more sympathetic character, still very good at being bad especially when beer enters the scene. What I am not trying to do with this story is the a typical werewolves are evil, werewolves vs vampires or other supernatural beings, or werewolf invasion of a small town or city. To me these are ideas that have been done to death. I am trying very hard to stay away from the destined lover bit as well or the cliche of Alpha loves an omega, again just go to Kindle and see the slew of those kind of romance novels. Regardless of what kind of story this will be I do intend to have it started in 2017.

Other Comics

I might do other comics as well. To be honest though one will be a focus. I know that over on FA there was a recent poll I did and everyone wanted me to start and go with "Mired" and although I may do a one shot here and there of that, there's not much story there at all and with the werewolf comic taking priority I don't see much coming out of that.


Are still open right now. Pricing for 2017, I am mulling a few changes but we shall see. Total income from commissions for 2016 was a mere $130, that's about $10 a month, not bad but there were only about three commissions in 2016. I won't get into a comparison war here but compared to others that's rather low. My take away from this is there is no interest to commission me and so I don't market myself as such. I did try for about two months in 2016 to do so posting weekly updates and commissions listings but that never bared much fruit. What I did get was just randomly inquired commissions.

Art Trades/Free Stuff

Art trades are all but non existent. I've found that most people want far more art from me than what I get back. It's not that I don't want to do art trades, I'd love to but like commissions the requests don't come. Which brings me to free stuff. Last few weeks I've done a TMI Tuesday sketch slots and Werewolf Wednesday slots over on FA and twitter. Initially response was good, but last week I got only two people interested in the TMI Tuesday spots and there wasn't much that was TMI about the sketches. I sort of burned out of that fairly quickly. It's nice but a lot of what was being requested wasn't too challenging or was lacking in what I could depict. I'll try again from time to time as it is fun to do on occasion though.

That's about it I think. Is there anything you'd all like to see more of? Something changed? Just suggest I am open to suggestions.

2017 Plans


27 December 2016 at 10:30:24 MST

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