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SALE: Test Commission Iron Artist! by ZielOmizu

It's become clear to me recently that the way I've been pricing my artwork commissions isn't exactly accurate to the amount of effort that goes into them. Therefore, I find myself in need of some "Test Commissions" to figure out exactly what takes how long for me to do. Because of this each slot in this "Iron Artist" will have different requirements to fill, and to give you some incentive to fill them for me, I'm offering 30% off the regular commission price!

There will be 84 commission slots available at this sale price in total. NSFW welcome! For full details, please see the document here:

To apply, let me know the slot you're interested in, and fill in the required info (the words in CAPS).
For example:
You want CHEEB SLOT 1, which says "I need a SIMPLE, ANTHRO character, with a THEME / EMOTION!"
Your application should say:
"I'm applying for CHEEB SLOT 1.
Here's my character:
I want him to be tired."

Applications for a slot can be commented below, via note, or through e-mail at

Thank you!

SALE: Test Commission Iron Artist!


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