2013 Mud Nationals by StangWolf

Going to be a busy week, not counting work.

**NOTE: Before I start I want to share, for anyone who's interested, that I will be making something of an attempt to take pictures and post to my Twitter (@StangWolf) while I'm preparing for and at Mud Nationals. If you'd like a glimpse into the muddy, rowdy, party world that is ATV/UTV mud riding in Texas.**

I won't have anything to upload this evening but I hope to tomorrow evening. I've just got to get Nathan's half of my Legend of Korra Cosplay set finalized ink wise and then I'll upload what I have so far. I was hoping to be able to do that tonight, but work was crazy hectic, and I didn't really get much time at all for lunch other than some time to stop and eat.

Been busy washing clothes, repairing a couple of the vertical blinds that Axle has managed to break so they don't hang on their own anymore, and I did get some work in on Alix's half of my LOK Cosplay set.


Here's the schedule for the rest of the week:


■ I'll be hitting up the quarter wash to get the truck cleaned up pretty good inside and out. That'll probably be a couple hours or so after work tomorrow evening.

■ Hope to be able to upload a few pieces of art before I call it a night.


■ Driving to the lake, an hour and fifteen minute drive one way, to load up the Honda and a few other mud riding essentials such as the air compressor and gas cans. That'll take all evening so when I get home it'll be straight to bed.


■ Packing up what I can will be in order this night. This will include a TON of blankets, just in case I end up having to camp in the truck or the tent (might be popping the tent up in the bed of the truck), loading my boots, and other assorted things that pretty much don't include clothes and any pillows and blankets I have in my bed lol.

■ May grab a bottle of Apple Pucker and some orange juice so I can make some drinks, already have other various alcohols.


■ Finish loading up the truck and preparing for work that morning.

■ Work

■ Head out to Mud Creek for 2013 Mud Nationals hopefully at a decent time so I can get settled.

■ Ride and party it up for the rest of the night!


■ Riding, partying, and relaxing all day and night.


■ Packing up when I wake up.

■ Driving up to the lake to get the Honda put up.

■ Home to unload the truck, start washing clothes and whatever else may need cleaning, put blankets and stuff up.

■ Take a nice long shower to scrub off all the dirt and grime that still manages to stick to you despite showering at the ride.

■ Eat and then sleep to recuperate, because even if I didn't drink, riding like we do for a day and a half can wear ya out!


■ Day off to continue to rest up and I plan to work on art and just relax.


That's pretty much the run down. Perhaps more information than anyone is interested in, but at least ya'll will know why you may not see or hear much from me until Sunday evening or next Monday.

I have taken off work on Monday so I can take my time on Sunday and rest up good without having to worry about getting up early and/or being worn out at work on Monday. So in all likelihood I'll be able to get some more work done on art next Sunday evening and on Monday.

Plus, next Friday, not this coming Friday, will be Good Friday so I'll have that day off as well. Next week will be kinda nice being only a 3 day week for me.

That's about it for now, be on the look out for some art tomorrow evening. I'll be uploading what I have to share after I get home from washing the truck.

Besides all that, I hope everyone has a wonderful week and a great weekend! I'll catch ya'll on the flip side! I'm off to get ready for bed and read some more about Mercy and her bunch.

Until next time!


P.S. - I'll be getting to comments and such when I return from Mud Nationals as my evenings this week will be fairly busy, well I don't usually get to comments and what not during the week, but just so ya'll know I acknowledge your comments, favs, watches, notes, etc. and I GREATLY appreciate them!

2013 Mud Nationals


18 March 2013 at 19:06:27 MDT

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