Been a while! by Earl Grey

It seems in all that's been going on our Weasyl account got neglected!
I'd like to announce that Runeous was indeed finished and now available (FOR FREE!) on Steam:

We also have a fully voice acted Youtube video here:

Production for part 2 has been halted for the time being due to personal lives for our artists, however we are looking onward to future projects.

One project in mind is a Web Comic. The world building thus far has come along great and most of the plotlines are already in place. We will be looking for a potential artist for this project.
If you or anyone you know might be interested, please do contact us. We will be approaching this the same as Runeous on a volunteer basis however we are looking at monetizing it and profits will come into play should it become a successful project.

In the meantime we thank everyone who has supported us during the creation of Runeous. It means a lot that so many people have helped us get this far!

Been a while!

Earl Grey

25 November 2016 at 20:28:37 MST

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