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(Please Read) Winter Break Comm Inquiry by RainbowFoxy

Between Dec 18 and Jan 23 I will be on winter break, and I want to know who will definitively commission me if I open up for commissions. I'm up to hearing about anyone who is considering, too, but if there is enough interest I will sort out paypal and whatnot to start working again.

I have over a month off for my winter break, and I will have ample time. My mother wants me to get a 'seasonal job' for that one month, but jobs here rarely hire for only a month or less, and if I get a job at this time, it will most likely be a retail job doing the season holiday shifts no one wanted and Christmas and New Years Eve/day shifts instead of being with my family, loved ones, and friends (which is when my bother will be coming home for the holidays, other than that I rarely get to see him anymore. Only time I can regularly see my boyfriend before he goes to school, too, which takes a toll). Not to mention that I can't drive/don't have my own car so my parents would have to drive me to and from work, or I would have to take an Uber, which would render any earnings pointless or to only a couple bucks per hour. My parents and I brought this up and my father shot down the idea saying that it would be pointless and just additional headaches. I tend to make more per hour freelancing if I work without distractions than I would getting a retail job, without having the additional stress that comes with it, so I really want to get more commission work over break or probably open up YCHs, adopts, etc to scrape up some cash.
And since school is super busy, the only time I can really freelance now without taking a while to complete things is on breaks because all other times I am either sleeping or doing schools stuff.
If there is a fair amount of interest for comms, I will sort out paypal/make my own paypal and take work to complete during my winter break to try to get some money which I very surely need for school, saving, and any other needs. If there isn't any interest..? Well, that sucks, but it is what it is I guess, and I know people are saving their money for the holidays right now. But again, my break goes all the way to January 23rd, so after new years I will still be off/hopefully available for commissions if anyone was interested.

If you have ANY questions about commissions/the content I take/a quote, etc, please let me know/note me now/sooner rather than later! I am happy to answer any and all questions and inquiries set to my art page or any of my online art galleries/presences (like dA, FA, twitter, etc), don't be shy.

Yes, I can take NSFW and niche inquiries even though I don't get them often. G - XXX is fine by me as long as it abides by my TOS and what I will and won't draw.

(Please Read) Winter Break Comm Inquiry


23 November 2016 at 13:05:58 MST

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