Quality over Quantity by DatFMEntertainment

Spending 5.5 hours inking in a picture digitally makes you think.

No, but really, for those able to view the latest WIP I just posted, the purpose was to see if I could really slow down and draw. And honestly, I think you can tell when I'm distressed by the quality, or lack thereof.

One of the things honestly stunting my artwork is stuff is getting in the way (work, answering all my messages, RL stuff, etc.). I gotta think of somehow to manage that. I know I keep saying that, but really, the only way I'm gonna grow as an artist is if I work on it. So, what shall I do with all the stuff I drew up and have yet to post?

For my main gallery, I need to produce better quality stuff. And the way I intend to do it is through digital media. Whether I sketch it first and then ink it in digitally, or draw the picture completely from digital, that is the way I must go to produce what will be the best quality content you can expect from me. But of course, one of the things I always hit a snag on is this:
What do I draw?

The problem is my mind is like others: my mind produces ideas much faster than my hands can reproduce them. As a result, I can't accurately decide what to draw, hence the rather sporadic patterns you see from me sometimes. I have a solution: use the polls. Similar to how people use polls to decide new stuff, what I will do with the polls is narrow my ideas down to concise statements, list them, and let the people decide what I should proceed with the most. Of course, none of it's set in stone, but it will provide a better method to the madness.

As for how fast I produce content, I really should limit myself to one fully complete picture either every week or every other week. The reason is I can't predict when stuff will occupy me or I'll have to deal with stuff that needs immediate attention. But whatever may come, I must address it as I can and remember to remind myself not to get discouraged.

Which brings me to one of the big deterrents to progress: discouragement. Read the first sentence in this journal again. That alone would've made me give up trying to progress on a bad day. I realize how bad my sketching is because it may look fine, but when you apply the "horizontal flip" and a grid, I find everything is un-level and more askew than a tangled bunch of k-nex. Obviously, the way to combat this would be to use tools. I have a compass and a ruler I can use, so I should definitely be using them... for the proper pics, at least. For the doodles, those are meant to be haphazard, so I should let myself run free with those the greatest extent I can.

So, are you going to see less from me? Honestly, no. I still keep content fresh somehow, whether it's scheduled posts or occasional signs of life in the form of polls or journals. And I don't think I'm going to give up drawing pokémon anytime soon, but one thing I will definitely do is delve not only into other series, but my own original concepts.

So, in conclusion, expect new stuff, but I'm working to make it better so that people seeing it don't just see some kid doodling. They'll see some kid doodling and producing good stuff. And, I don't know why I'm calling myself a kid, but honestly, even at 21, I still feel like a kid. Funny how that works.

Alright, wish me luck.


Quality over Quantity


23 November 2016 at 03:09:15 MST

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