Making My Price Guide! by YukiYouko

I have some art examples, but many are outdated. I'm looking for brave people who want to get some awesome art to help me build my price guide. I see so many people with amazing price guides, with picture examples, which is exactly what I'm aiming to do! Here is what I am wanting examples for:

1$ Headshot/2$ colored Head shot

3$ Sketch

4$ colored sketch

5$ Pin-up Style Sketch

6$ Adult Pose Sketch

10$ Two pose Ref sheet

15$ Three Pose Ref sheet

So.. If these happen to be of interest to you, please message me or comment here, and I'll take on your request, no problem!

In addition, for the remainder of March, I'm also offering 5$ fetish sketches [because I need the practice] and 7$ two character sketches [because I need to practice pictures with more than one character as well!]

Making My Price Guide!


17 March 2013 at 21:32:11 MDT

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