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Last comic of the year Special Project by NightCrestComics

Sooooooooo, I think we all can agree that 2016 was a horrible year. For some more than others. And personally, we can't let it get away with that. So, let's end this year right. By having it being beaten down by one of 16 overly powerful brings I have locked away for such an occasion. From this list, you are to pick one name, and no, I won't be giving any info on these guys, just know, who ever is picked the most, will be starring in a special end of the year. Comic if 2016 being destroyed. And here are your choices.
1. Hard Yellow Pink
2. Metal Whoop Dog
3. Love Oblivion
4. Bio Boy
5. Nowco Null
6. Limited Eternity
7. Honey Sweet Candy
8. Quasar Semi Ultra
9. Jackpot Absolute
10. Royal Shine Fortress
11. Little Mighty Volt
12. Sick Sick Green
13. Mass Ocean Blue
14. Yum Ultimate Supreme
15. Eon Tomorrow
16. Pluto Void X

Voting ends next Friday.
Hopefully after seeing this comic in the last days of this year will put you all at ease, also, this comic will be choice as well. As in to say, you get to choose how this year meets it's end^^

Last comic of the year Special Project


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