Very, very important updates! by Tikikata

GLFC and ANTHROCON commissions are now on my queue! MCFC and AnthrOhio work will continue to be worked on until all is completed.

So, I've been back from WPAFW for a while, and it was a great, great convention. Not having to worry about selling anything was what made the trip worth it, and I'm happy to say we will probably be returning again next year. I'm really happy I got to see my friends Jub, Seek, and Pygar again. You guys are wonderful people and I love you~! <3

Okay, enough of that; there are other things that need discussing...

So, here's the game plan.

November will be my art work month. I'm going to be putting out a few big pieces every week (illustrations, reference sheets). Smaller art (badges, sketches) will be worked on in between these and times after I get home from work. That way, my queue will get cut down before MFF and I can feel good again.

Now, here's where things will be getting a little tricky.

I'm going to be raising my prices so my work overload doesn't happen again. Yes, this means I won't have to take on a lot of extra work and I can put out more work than I have been this year.

I'm not sure if I can say anymore to make things better for everyone still waiting on a piece from me, but I am willing to do what it takes so this doesn't happen again. Work, for starters, hasn't been helpful in this endeavor, but I also have been going to a lot of conventions this year, and haven't adjusted my prices to make up for how many commissions I take in at every convention I go to.

This is going to change for next year. I want to fix things, I want to make things work out better for me and my clients. Everyone has been wonderful and kind to me and I am forever grateful. Please know I made a mistake and am doing all in my power to fix it. I appreciate every single one of you for your support and for being patient when things got rocky. This will not happen in the future - that is a promise.

Very, very important updates!


1 November 2016 at 22:25:14 MDT

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