My Halloween Weekend by RentonTBuck

Asides volunteering for ZooBoo last weekend, my weekend was rather eventful.

Instead of going in my fursuit again for Halloween, I decided to go for something different this year. My costume consisted of a depiction of Nick Wilde from Disney's "Zootopia" in a cosplay style, with a green Hawaiian shirt and grey pants (which I bought from Macy's) as well as fox ears, tail, orange wig and fake paw-shaped Popsicle (which I bought online). I also have brown shoes and a dark striped tie that is very close to the type Nick wears in the movie.

Normally at the department store where I work, we employees are allowed to dress in costume on Halloween itself, but this year, the managers decided to allow us to dress up the whole weekend we work there; this gave me the opportunity to dress in my own costume while working on Sunday, and it was my only chance to do so. I received a decent reception from both the associates and customers I interacted with. A couple customers confused me for a billy goat and a mouse (since they didn't notice the fox tail right away), though I did overhear at one child recognize who I was supposed to be, so that was nice. An associate who wasn't familiar with the character got quite a surprise when I showed her what Nick looked like, amazed at how very close I came to matching the costume design. The managers I talked to were also quite impressed with my outfit, that one of them asked if I could pose for a picture to use for a costume contest; he told me that if I win something (like a specific category), I might get a gift card as a reward, so that's pretty cool. Earlier that day before the store opened, he joked by telling me I might receive the most common question which was "What Does the Fox Say?" lol

On Halloween itself, since there was a school district that had no school for the day, there was concern that there would be a ton on people who would want to come and swim for the afternoon at the community center where I also work. Fortunately, we only had up to 15 people at one time, so not very busy and a lot easier for me. After work, I grabbed some Subway for dinner and then swung by a friend's house to go trick-or-treating with a group of friends. While most of them went in their own fursuits, I went in my Nick Wilde outfit. The neighborhood was pretty nice and we got lots of candy for the evening; the neighbors were quite impressed with our costumes. We were only out for about an hour before we headed back and I needed to head home so I could be up for work early the next day.

Hope everyone else had a good Halloween! :)

My Halloween Weekend


1 November 2016 at 15:12:44 MDT

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