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(re)meet the artist by Raja The Tiger

Hey everyone! For those of you who don't know, I've recently returned to weasyl after a 2 year hiatus of sorts. I guess I just was going through a rough transitional period and needed to take a break. However, I didn't stop drawing, and I feel confident enough in myself to start posting again. Most of my followers/friends here have left as well, but I'm looking forward to meeting new people, so I think a good way to start is a meet the artist Q & A. Thanks for reading, and Enjoy :)

Name (fursona): Raja
Name (irl): Ellie
Gender: Female
Age: 15(my profile says 16 but I messed that up when I made my account and I can't fix it now :/)
Birthday: September 19
Zodiac: Virgo, Snake (chinese)
S/O: Pansexual
Religion: Catholic
Favorite color: Black
Favorite food/drink: Mac n Cheese/Tea
Hobbies: Drawing (duh), playing violin, MMORPGs, watching youtube, anime
Favorite Movies/TV Shows: Star wars, Star Trek, Steven Universe, Avatar (James Cameron, not the live action Last Airbender movie, ew), The Conjuring 1 & 2
Music I listen to: Classical, Opera, Electronic, Black Metal (what a combination, I know)
What I mainly draw: Furries, People, and Animals
Preferred mediums: Graphite, Acrylic, Digital
When I started drawing: Basically since I was out of the womb I loved art. I've regularly used a sketchbook since 5th grade, and got into digital the next year with an iPad. Got my first laptop last Christmas (a microsoft surface) that I've used for digital ever since
Art programs I use: Krita, looking into getting a Huion H610 tablet soon, but my Microsoft Surface has been good to me so far
When I became a furry: I had known about furries since like 3rd grade when I saw a 'My strange Addiction' episode on a fursuiter. I thought it was awesome and I didn't really understand why it was an addiction, it was just a guy that liked wearing a catsuit every once in a while and having fun. I got 'into' furries more in 6th grade, and designed my fursona the same year. (most of her has actually stayed the same) I also felt like I had to 'come out' as a furry to my parents, which I did. They had only known the sexual side of the fandom, and were kinda worried for me, but once I showed them what it was really about, they accepted it more. They still don't understand it or necessarily like it, but I'm fine with their opinion.
Fursona species & why I chose it: Tiger; I've always loved how beautiful and powerful they are, and at the time I made her, the stripes kinda represented self harm?

Thanks so much for reading if you got this far!

Any other Questions or just want to say hi? Please don't hesitate to comment, I don't bite :3

(re)meet the artist

Raja The Tiger

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