Losing home, emergency commissions by Dirtiran

Hi all.

Life has taken a really shitty turn. To place it in a nutshell. The family home is to be sold, and I will be losing my mini house I invested in and was building on the same property. This was extremely sudden and unexpected for reasons I don’t wish to explain right now, due to it just happening. But as a result, I will need to find accommodation elsewhere soon. This is going to be extremely difficult due to lack of work shifts, financial distress due to the mini house loan and no preparation for such a move (as we planned for me to build and settle in my new house.)


  • As a result, I am going to be open full time for commissions. And until the new year, I am offering 20% off ANY commission over $50.

  • I am open for any species, and will accept adult work if that is what you prefer. Preferable adult subjects include bondage, F/F , sexy pin-ups, gore, dress up/foreplay, but I am willing to listen to any ideas you have.

  • I work by a pay once I reach you system (paying in advance is fine if you don’t mind the wait), so I am creating a waiting list on this journal.

-I will be away until the 21st of November. And will start work on this list, and complete my current commissions as soon as I return.

***If you are interested please contact me via my email: Keyfeathers AT gmail DOT com . If you can’t email, please note me here. **

Shares of this post would be extremely appreciated <3

Losing home, emergency commissions


26 October 2016 at 17:26:53 MDT

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