ZooBoo 2016 Recap by RentonTBuck

Just got back from volunteering for a kid-friendly Halloween event called ZooBoo at the local zoo, and though I was exhausted at the end of it, it was all worth it.

Much of the time, I stood around near the visitor center with my friends as a costumed character interacting with the visitors, giving the kids high-fives, give hugs and get pictures taken with them. The most frequent comment I kept getting is that I was a reindeer or moose, yet I was supposed to be a whitetail deer. lol I should get a nametag that says "I'm A Whitetail Deer" just to clarify to all the visitors that pass me.

There were also a few highlights of my night. For example, a child actually gave me a couple of potato chips, and though I couldn't say thanks to him, I pretended to eat them up, hide the chips in my paw and rub my stomach with joy as if to say, "Mmm-mmm, that was good!" There was also a small infant dressed as a tiger who kept coming back to us a couple times because he liked us so much. Also, whenever a child didn't want to interact with us because he/she was shy of us, I pretended to sob by covering my eyes and hang my head low; some of the parents thought this was funny and cute.

I hope the next Saturday I signed up to volunteer for will be like this tonight, because it was quite a rewarding experience. :)

ZooBoo 2016 Recap


22 October 2016 at 20:35:23 MDT

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