Tablet recommendations? by SilveroneWunny

I'm in the market for a new tablet as my two no longer have drivers supported for the newest Windows. I've been looking into the Medium Wacom Intuos Art package, but was curious of other brands you all might recommend.

Tablet recommendations?


16 October 2016 at 16:20:54 MDT

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    i just had this exact same problem. i got a Turcom model:TS-6610 and I highly recommend it. Price was right :)

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      Your issue made me check mine! XD
      Does the pen need batteries? My bigger one eats batteries like crazy, I forget who made it.(I'm at work, or else I'd look.)

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        It does use batteries but I haven't noticed a problem unless I leave them on together. (I always keep my pens from my tablet when done working).

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    The reviews on the one you suggested are great!
    My generic one (pretty similar to the monoprice tablets in look), had a nice little pen stand and kept the extra nibs in it, but no matter where it was it was just drain batteries left and right. Huge tablet though, it's a 12x10".

    But Sniper surprised me with the Medium I after my surgery today. I think if I get a larger one, I'll get the turcom brand. Everything I read was very enticing.