Where and How I Am by r-a-blackpaws

So, let's update things shall we:

-health: physically, I am now into my hackey-wheezey season. This means lots of coughing and congestion. Also, possibly some pleurisy too. Never really fun.

-mental health: I have been fighting off a lot of depression and self-hate lately. Oddly, making YouTube videos has helped alleviate that to some extent, but those feelings are always still there, creeping and hovering like mood-killing sharks.

-social media: Okay...just some stuff on where to find me and how I use them:
YouTube: the channel. Let's Plays and vlogs mostly. Search for R.A. Blackpaws or click the link on my profile page.
Twitter: life/health/social updates, channel updates. @RABlackpaws if you wanna find me there. Used a LOT oddly.
Facebook: CHANNEL/WRITING PROMOTION/PLUGGING ONLY! No social stuff there at all. Search for "R A Blackpaws" to find me there.
Reddit:....coming soon.
FA: logging-in only. No posting.
Weasyl (here): Home base. Writing goes up here.

And lastly...

-dyslexia/letter transposition: Getting a LOT worse, or I'm simply noticing it more. I had to go back about fifteen times and fix switched letters. Not cool. Bleh.

Where and How I Am


6 October 2016 at 06:17:37 MDT

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    Still around and still kickin :D

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      Eeeyup. lightly kicks your tushie ^.^