Moving from FurAffinity.... by Goblinko

So, I was one of those "fortunately" enough to lose my FA account after the pass reset because Hotmail for some reason decided to refuse to receive every single kind of e-mails, so now, I'm joining another furry websites (even InkBunny) to "catch up" with my favorite furry artists and meet new ones if possible.

It wasn't much of a loss since I have a backup of all my stuff in my external HD. The only danger is that if the site gets hacked AGAIN and they try to "dox" people around AGAIN. Therefore, I sent an e-mail to FA admins in hopes that I finally manage to enter my account and "wipe it out" completely.

From now on, my flying fox fursona can be found in the following furry websites: - My Weasyl account (You are here) - My brand new FN account - My brand new InkBunny account (Because, why not ? sigh) - My SoFurry account

See ya, and have a nice week, folks.

Moving from FurAffinity....


5 October 2016 at 15:35:52 MDT

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