August Blacklist and Adoptions by ConbadgeExchange



To adopt, leave a comment with the name of the user that you would like to draw a badge for. You have not officially adopted that user until it is confirmed by a mod (it may be several hours or next day). Try to look at other comments to make sure that nobody else has adopted that user first. You have two weeks from today to turn in your adoption badge if the user has not received a badge, they will be re-adopted to a different user. I will not chase you down to find out if you are still working on it. Mark your calendars.

In the event that a blacklisted user turns in their badge for an adopted user, the adoptive badge can still be drawn and given to them, considering that they had to wait an uber long time to get their original.

  • denotes a user who did not receive a badge, but also did not turn one in. they cannot be adopted until their own work is completed.-denotes a user who has been adopted


As always, if you feel you have been posted on the blacklist in error, let us know. Sometimes we make mistakes. Sometimes people post their work in the wrong place and we don't see it. Finish your work to be taken off of the blacklist. If you feel like you belong on the adoption list, let us know that too.

August Blacklist and Adoptions


26 September 2016 at 14:39:33 MDT

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