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Hey guys. So this journal will be a little bit different than my usual since it doesn't have a set direction or message. I just kinda want to ramble about stuff I would like to do art wise in the future(aka whenever I clear my commission list). There are a lot of questions in there, especially about pricing things and I would greatly appreciate any and all feedback if you are willing to give it.

Lately I have really wanted to get back into high detail, lineless artwork but I have no idea where to start. I am pretty good with doing portraits in that style but I somewhat struggle with fullbodies. It is something I would definitely want to offer as a commission type in the future as like a speedpaint, or even a full illustration but I have no idea where to start for pricing. If I do these they would all have to come with full backgrounds in the same style. I was maybe considering starting them as "experimental pricing" portraits and then go from there. Would anyone be interested in me expanding my style to include more detailed, lineless illustrations or does everyone want to see more of my somewhat toony lined work? If you are interested in being a guinea pig just let me know and I'll add you on the waiting list. I would probably do pretty low prices for the first few since I am still figuring my way out with this.

I have also really be wanting to do more cel shading work. Ever since I did that cel shaded dragon TF piece I have been so in love with it. Of course I always give commissioners the option to pick between Cel shading and soft shading with no price difference but if I am not specifically told which style to do I just default to soft shading since most of my gallery is in that style and I am too afraid to just do cel shading then have someone say oh I wanted soft shading then have to redo the whole thing. I have been considering doing the next couple YCHs in the cel shading style but I don't know if that would decrease interest in it or if people really don't care as much as I think they do. Let me know if you have any strong opinions on cel shading vs soft shading?

Finally something else I have been wanting to do more of is TF Sequences or comics. I just haven't been commissioned to do any since the first one once I started offering it. Is it the pricing? I really find doing sequenced art a lot of fun to the point that I have been considering changing it from every 10th stage being free to every 5th stage being free. Especially since I have realized most people seem to get sequences under 10 stages anyway. I am not sure if this would help to increase my commissions for this style, or if it would help more to just do more sequences for myself (whenever I have time) and just keep the pricing. I normally only change my pricing around in January each year unless its something pressing but this might be something I may make an exception for. What do you guys think?

Thanks for reading if you read that whole wall of text.
So yeah that is what has been on my mind as far as art goes lately. Again feedback would be highly appreciated. ^^

Random Morning Musing/Things I want to do


22 September 2016 at 08:55:04 MDT

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