Furry Migration 2016 Recap by RentonTBuck

oy, what an eventful day it was, and I'm glad to have been a part of it. ^^

First things first, I arrived at the Hyatt Regency Minneapolis while there was still construction going on in front of the hotel, but I was able to figure out in advance how to get into the ramp and park in there.

Upon arrival at registration, I was not informed about having to have preregistered first before I could pay for the attendee fee and get my con badge, so I had to go over to one of the available laptops to preregister before I was allowed into the con.

After getting in, I met up with SisuSofts and her friend Purrsephone Sparkles so that I could drop off my belongings in their room and eat my lunch (which I brought from home because the food served at the con aren't that great). Then I got into my full suit and went down for the fursuit parade, which was fun. I got to interact with some familiar faces as well as getting to meet new furs I hadn't met yet. Since this was Purrsephone's first time at attending any con, she didn't know what to expect, but I was able to guide her and assist in going down the escalators during the parade (since she hasn't gotten used to wearing a fursuit head for a long period of time). After the parade, we all got together for a giant group photo. We three stood on a bench in the very back row so that we could easily be found in the photo. lol

Then I returned to Sisu and Purrsephone's room so I could clean my suit. After we figured out a rough plan about what we wanted to do as far as attending panels was concerned, I got into my Nick Wilde cosplay outfit (which consisted of a green Hawaiian shirt, grey pants and a striped tie I bought in advance) and went down to the studio photography area to get my pictures taken. I basically mimicked the poses Nick Wilde is seen making in the various advertisement images for the movie "Zootopia," including being tugged along by Sisu by the tie while looking at my cell phone, posing back to back with Sisu, shrugging my shoulders and taking a selfie.

Afterward, I wandered around the con and bought a few things, including a couple Tony Tony Chopper figurines and a furry comic book called "CinderFrost" by by artist Demicoeur.

Then we attended "Whose Lion Is It, Anyway?" a panel done in the style of "Whose Line Is It, Anyway?" involving some improv games, and it was quite a hilarious and fun experience to watch.

Initially, Sisu, Purrsephone and I had plans to either order pizza or go out to Nicollet Diner for supper, but then we realized that the timing wouldn't work out with the Fursuit Dance Expo coming up, so we instead grabbed a bite to eat from the Market inside the hotel and then headed over to the Expo. Every performer did a great job in their dances, and it made me consider possibly doing a dance of my own someday (I'm considering maybe dancing to "Try Everything" from Zootopia).

Since I couldn't stay longer for the dance because I had to work the next day, I returned to the room to pack up my things and go home, but not before I got my picture taken with a plush of Nick Wilde while wearing my cosplay outfit. After saying my goodbyes to Sisu and Purrsephone, I left the hotel and arrived home to clean my suit once again and wash my Underarmour undergarments.

Overall, the con was great, and I look forward to seeing what it has up its sleeve for next year. :)

Furry Migration 2016 Recap


10 September 2016 at 21:31:01 MDT

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