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Help stop the unjust Kratom ban! (USA) by Idun J. Fox

TL;DR, Pharmaceutical companies paid lobbyists to push for a ban of Kratom, a harmless opioid used worldwide to help people with chronic pain clinical depression and anxiety(which I have and use it for), because they can't make a profit off of it because it actually cures people, instead of fucking them over to get them fixed on more prescription meds.

They're going to make Kratom a Schedule 1 drug, meaning that it will have higher criminal penalties than Methamphetamines(Which are regularly prescribed to young kids with ADHD), Cocaine, and Heroin(The most addictive drug in the fucking world). Kratom has 0 deaths ever reported, officially and unofficially, worldwide. It's as addictive as COFFEE is, because it's actually from the Coffee Plant family. It's taken steeped like a tea. They want to make an HERBAL TEA more illegal than heroin.

Why haven't you heard of this? Most drugs that get banned get tons of publicity because they're already well known among the public as something BAD. Because the DEA doesn't want the public to know about this. They're even pushing to skip public commentary on the ban before it's in effect, which goes into effect September 30th. This needs to be stopped, because it's going to cripple and hurt so many people in the U.S. who rely on using Kratom tea to get through the day and function regularly.

It would mean alot to me if any of my watchers would sign this petition to help stop the ban and spread the word of this to others. I rely on this tea, my depression and anxiety are crippling, and those who have followed me for a while know I tend to disappear for a month to a year every now and then. Not anymore, because I found something to help with my crippling issues, and it's now close to being banned.

Thanks for reading, this topic is extremely important to me.

Help stop the unjust Kratom ban! (USA)

Idun J. Fox

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    Hmm, I'm gonna see if I can't sign this, but without a US address I might not be able to. I'll pass the word on at least.

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      Scratch that, seems I CAN sign it, aaand signed.