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Aaaa, wow wow wow, you guys. I cannot thank you all enough for your support this month! After what went down at the beginning of this month and all the turmoil that followed, I wasn't even sure I was going to be able to pay rent, but you guys came through, and you're all so amazing. Thank you so, so so, much!! <3 I've reached my rent payment goal and sold all of Nega's Items (Which I wasn't expecting!) and I have a huuuuge back log of art to do up for you lovely people. Things have been slow recently due to familial stuff, but art has been one thing that really keeps me going. Thank you all so much for your patience with me, I'll whittle away at this list as quickly as I can, but always feel free to poke me for updates, or check my trello board, as that's where I post WIPs as I finish them.

I'll be remaining open for the rest of the month to take on any extra commissions yous guys may want to grab. Just keep in mind that the wait time is preeetty long right now. But I don't plan on opening very much outside of streams in the future during school time, so most of my free art time will be devoted to finishing things up!

Thank you so much again guys, I appreciate your help so much and hope that you all enjoy what I create!

Commissions Closing


20 August 2016 at 15:06:43 MDT

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