EF 2016 meme by SweaWolf

1: Are you staying in the main hotel?

2: How are you getting there?
will be driving my lovley Dacia furryvan together with my bf Bubbles_Bunnybutt and my best friend citrusfrukt

3: Who is your room mate if you have any?
my bf Bubbles_Bunnybutt

4: Do you have a gender?
YES, and last time I check it was a dick ;)

5: How old are you and how old do you feel?
I´m 34 but feel more like mid 50 :(

6: How tall are you?
about I ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
I this tall...

7: Which languages do you speak?
swedish, english

8: Where will you be most of the time during the day?
around the hotell suiting or taking photos I think.

9: Who will you hang out with?
I have no idea, my bf ofcorse and hopefully nice people that I dare to talk to, me is shy :/

10: art?
nope, don´t do it, maybe I will buy something in the dealer den but probably not.

11: Do you do trades?
I can trade hockey cards with ya if you like, other trades I do not do.

12: Are you one of them fluffy things running around, if so what suit do you bring?
I am and I will bring SweaWolf and WinterWuff and maybe SweaWolf 2.0 but will have to see about the space in the car.

13: Can I dance with you?
you can dance around me becorse I´m not going to dance :D

14: touch, hug, poke, snugg?
Hugs are always welcome if your clean and not smoking at the moment, snuggs are for my bf, poke me as mutch as you like but I will poke back ;)

15: Do you talk to people and can I talk to you?
Ofcorse, I talk in and out of suit but I´m very shy so I may be quiet alot, sorry for that.

16: I have a camera, can I use it on you?
Ofcorse, love when people like to take photos, also have a big suit at the hotel so if you like to take more fancy photos just poke me :)

17: Do you like drinks and alcohol?
Sadly not, I´m alergic to alcohol so can´t drink anything :/ I do like coca-cola hehe

18: Are you nice?
Don´t ask me, ask others that know me, I do try to be nice to them that are nice to me.

19: How can I find you at the con?
Just look for one of my suits or a guy with short hair and a camera ;)

20: What do I have to watch out for, when I am meeting you?
If I am in suit I have half bad vision other then that nothing I can think of.

21: If I have plan to kidnap you to my room, would that be ok with you?
It depends, for a photoshoot or something go ahead, but other then that I mostly will say no.

22: Last time/last con/last meet/last chat we talked so much and now you forgot my name? Why???
becorse I have problem remember names and faces, show me a picture of your suit if you have one and I maybe remember better.

23: I have a personal question for the convention. May I ask you that?
Ofcorse, just write a comment or send me a note, I will get back to you as fast as I can.

24: Anything else you like to put in here?
Yes, this is going to be my last con for some time so I like to end this conv. year with a bang so me
and my bf have one of the suites in the hotel so if some one like to do a photoshoot with me or my
bunny just poke us or if you like me to practice on my camera and take photos on YOU poke me during EF
or send me a note or something.

EF 2016 meme


13 August 2016 at 23:45:07 MDT

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