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Hi... by account

......long story short...I'm NOT new here, I've just been locked out of my old account (not banned) and thought making a new account was easier/better.

I'm looking to re-claim my old username in the meantime though,just wanted to let people know this isn't a spam account....I'm also shy (not a conversationalist).



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    What was your old account? Why don't you just message one of the staff and request a password reset?

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      I've been trying that most of last month but I can only assume (because i don't have access) that I must have typo-ed my own contact email during registration and the staff are a little suspicious that my email doesn't match what they have on their files.

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        Ick, yeah, that'll do it. They're just making sure that you're not trying to impersonate or hijack someone else's account, as frustrating as that likely is for you currently. Email is the primary way to identify someone, any other account details wouldn't really account for much in this situation. I'd set up shop here, maybe link to that other account saying "hey this was my old account, I can't get at it anymore so HEY I'M HERE!", maybe post a link on that other account in the comments.

        You can also request an account name change for this one as well, given the name isn't already taken. Maybe you could do a variant of your old account as the new name on this?

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          If all else fails I'll try and use a variant of my old username like xusernamex or something, but I'm not upset with any of weasels staff over this because I know it's literally my own fault at the end of the's just frustrating is all.

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            I deal with a lot of account issues at my IRL job, so I definitely can understand the frustration!

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    I've gotten a response about my original account (turns out weasyls email system was backed up; I didn't know that could happen) and hopefully I'll be active on my original account again by the way my original account is kemikace kemikace

    I'm very grateful for this at any rate.