PC troubles and Frustrations [UPDATE] by Bugzeejr

PC fixing is hard :(
Bad News: Hard Drive was DOA when it got here. Need to find another 1 TB HD.

Good News: Returning it and getting a replacement, also all my work is backed up on a portable hard drive.

Bad news: I'll be about couple weeks till then, and I need to get other stuff for this PC but funds are low.

Good News: It'll only be about mid to low 90° (32°-37° C) temp this week so it'll be a little bit more tolerable. Especially since it was about 107° F/ 42° C all week.

Bad News: I have been depressed for a while now. It sucks and I'm not really okay. Also I stepped on my Vita and cricked the screen. So I'm typing on an ipod. :(
Also typing on an Ipod sucks.

Good News: I've been playing MHGenerations and it's fun. Insect Glaive FTW ^u^

That's pretty much it.
EDIT: I'm not great when it comes to hardware so if you have any suggestions on HD, ram, etc. I'd love your input.
EDIT 2: Also copy and pasting on an ipod is difficult

PC troubles and Frustrations [UPDATE]


1 August 2016 at 00:18:51 MDT

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    Ugh. Typing on an iPod. How awful. Hang in there.

    Sorry to hear about the further computer troubles and the depression, man. Hang in there, times are tough but they shall pass.

    As for part suggestions, not hugely up on that sort of stuff even if I'm in the process of building a computer. With hard drives, I'd suggest staying away from Seagate though. From what I hear, lots of lemons. Explains why they're typically cheaper than Western Digital and other makers. I personally have all sorts of drives. One Sandisk SSD, one Samsung SSD and a WD 3TB HDD. Got DDR3 RAM personally, just because it sounded good compared to all the DDR2 ones I've had previously. :P

    Only advice I have is to shop around. Newegg, Amazon, ebay, etc.

    In any case, best of luck to you.

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      When I shoot for a single-board computer I favor next-gen DDR over previous. Same applies for PCs, since the architecture is improving. DDR3 > DDR2 I think. :)