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Post-Anthrocon Blues by GhostwoodCreatures

Ghostwood's Plans for 2016

It is mid-year and that usually requires me to do some planning for the rest of the year. I like to make mid-term plans so I don't overwhelm myself with responsibilities and tasks, which I have a really bad habit of putting too much on my plate.. So I am putting my intentions out into the open in case there was any curious individuals who wanted to know what I was doing.

For the month of August, I will be hashing out all of the small part commissions that I've taken in before Anthrocon, so expect to see a lot of parts posted. I also have every intention to finally finish a personal fullsuit for myself. For September, I will start on two suits that have a Halloween/early November deadline, and work on any head commissions; i hope to have those heads done for October. October and November, I will be working to meet deadlines, so I may go radio-silent for two months on new content that is to be posted. December, I'll continue working through my queue, open for badge commissions, and start working on stock for FurTheMore.

So, I would say, expect three fullsuits, two partials, and at least one head posted withen the next five months. The remaining half of my queue will be finished in 2017, but I'll post an update on that come January :) Have a beautiful year guys! I can't wait to see you at FurTheMore!!!

Best Regards,
Saji Ki

Post-Anthrocon Blues


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