Lil update on the mic by DeRiften

Oh yeah, I just now noticed that I didn't really say anything about my new mic. Yeah, I've received it a long time ago (like, I February or something) but it didn't come with cords. Being the newb I am, I underestimated that beast and thought it'd be some USB mic or something but nay, it's actually XLR. At first I did my research and came to the conclusion I'd need to buy a 100$ audio interface, which is basically some kinda external soundcard, and I'd pretty much end up with a portable studio on my desk. But then :usericonMinka:, one of my watcher, told me I could just buy a XLR/USB adapter, which I did (saving over 60$ at the same time). Today as I went to check my mail after doing the groceries and cleaning up the apartment, I saw that the cords had arrived so I was like woot. As I sat down with an unopened bottle of wine and an open stream waiting for me to sing all day to celebrate, I fought with the cords for like half an hour before coming to the conclusion that they plain didn't work. Tried updating the drivers, unplugging and replugging in other USB slots, checking the wires, trying every button, etc etc. All it'd do is have a lil red light blinking at me endlessly so I went to check the reviews. When I bought it all the reviews were good but it seems they made a single bad batch 'cause now most reviews say their shit don't work either. I've filed a claim and will get a full refund in a few days but sadly that means my singing is delayed by yet another couple weeks.

EDIT: Okay so it isn't a bad batch after all, I just bought an adapter without Phantom Power (AKA some kinda extra boost 'cause my mic is a beast) and that's why it doesn't work. Well, Amazon doesn't know that so I'll get my refund anyway but I've bought a new cord on eBay 'cause neither Amazon nor Newegg had any with Phantom Power, and it ended up costing me 50$ (I managed to get a 10$ discount by that Make Offer thing) + 26$ shipping (For some reason, the priority mail cost 0.13$ less than standard so I guess I'll receive it faster while saving money, huh).

Seems I didn't save up much by buying an adapter after all, lawl. But hey, at least it'll take less space than a freakin' audio interface!

Lil update on the mic


11 March 2013 at 13:06:33 MDT

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