someone help pls by Coevis

I finally got a new tablet and it's so significantly different from my previous tablet that I can't stand to use it.
idk what to do bc I have to start school in the fall and I have no experience with this tablet.

someone help pls


13 July 2016 at 21:21:01 MDT

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    So...what exactly are you needing assistance with in regards to your tablet? What kind is it? Settings issues? Trouble getting used to it?

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      it's a Huion H610(I think) and ever since I installed it my keyboard only works once in a blue moon. then my pressure sensitivity works, but not on Paintool SAI? plus it's a lot bigger than my previous tablet so it's just difficult to get used to that way as well.

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        Hm... maybe it's an issue with the drivers?

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          That's what I was thinking. I've been trying to get a friend of mine to look at it but when one of us is free the other always seems to be busy.

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        Ew yeah sounds like a driver problem. I know for my tablet, I actually have to use the 3rd most recent version for it to work the best. Try downloading earlier versions maybe that'll help o: AND YEAH getting used to the size... I'll be your shoulder to cry on <w<;;;;;

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    I think you'll might just have to brute force through it or something to get used to it ;u;