Important Update/Surgery by Lucienchol

Hey guys, well I honestly don't like talking about private stuff on here but since I've mentioned it a few times on twitter + its a pretty important thing happening in my life I thought you guys should know about it. As some of you who keep up with my twitter probably already know, my gynecologist found a cyst that may or may not be a teratoma in my right ovary. I had been diagnosed with PCOS about 3-4 years ago and was on medication to keep symptoms at bay but as my new gyno puts it, that was only a "bandaid".

So on the 19th they will be performing exploratory surgery on me to take out the cyst/teratoma, check for any other irregularities and also opening up the ovaries to lessen eggs from getting stuck and becoming more cysts. Hopefully if all goes well it should lessen/eliminate my PCOS and I'll only have to deal with the aftermath of it.

I'll probably be at the hospital for about 3 days or more, I honestly don't know how I'll be, if it will end up hurting a lot or not. Not going to lie, I'm pretty scared/anxious aha but I'm sure things will be fine. ooknightmareoo will have mom's phone number for any updates tho he is pretty much a recluse on here so idk how else to not make people worry too much aha.

Anyway I'll keep you guys updated if anything else happens/changes! I still need to get my tests results + give those to my doctor so we'll see what happens.

Important Update/Surgery


10 July 2016 at 19:05:48 MDT

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