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My thoughts on pokemon Go (may not like it) by Kai151Drandro

So the release of Pokemon go happen around, as it was a very HUGE big wish list and.. went number 1 of top downloads for app store, that I saw, so many people enjoys this app and yadayda but.. downside as GameFreak had very big trouble on servers since amount of downloads and online have cost traffic almost as what happen on Club nintendo and... well.. Scottgames's FANF4 announcement pic, and it seem there much errors going on main website more likely the traffic.

Pokemon Go got sign in option and it was account. it already happen early ago as I'm not sure it happen to you guys.I couldn't sign in on account on pokemon go and I'm force to use Google account email and i just made two accounts for Pokemon Go, which I feel not alright because of this. After that, I did go little walk on street with a good work out on jogging, got a ride from someone. There lot of things that everyone should not go or do such as going near police station, go Dark ally, get near bad neighborhood areas where people are.. unfriendly.. and most importantly, beware around real life as you walk, and don't even play and drive because it's same as text and driving thing and there already one news over Play and drive as there already a car crash like today... or yesterday? but that was pretty stupid to do it. One worst part, that I do not want to hang around at night, because at night is where the danger are.

Much happen weird ways you can do find pokemon on toilets, cooking pan where those eggs pokemon hang out, near by school, and even going to the GYM at the Church. I kinda prefer seeing pokemon GYM at real life GYM. XD

One biggest downside that, Pokemon Go is the biggest Power use and it'll use up your phone's power drain faster which that's a bad thing, like what if your away from home and don't even got a phone recharger? that can be the worst since No one will call you, and even if your lost, you can't even use your phone for maps and so had to walk near by shopping building for directions if your really lost. That's the biggest downside that I really dislike.

So Far, what I think Pokemon Go.. I'm sorry I rated this as 4 pokeballs out of 10.

Pokemon Go did got me interest at first but I feel like things isn't working well unless there a way that GameFreak can fix the trouble.

I have already deleted the app since i can't have it with me as forever and let it keep drain my Phone's power as always, So I'm up for Animal crossing and Fire emblem mobile game, I'm hopping I got free space for both of these up coming games for my phone.

Sorry for given negative thoughts over Pokemon Go and this is just all of my opinions, it's your matter of your choice if your interesting getting it or not getting it. It's all your choice.

Thank you for reading everyone and please enjoy your days and nights.

My thoughts on pokemon Go (may not like it)


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